Standard Bank Complaints - 50% Setllement Discount

I received and sms stating that my credit card qualifies for a 50% settlement discount. I contacted Standard bank to be told that the sms was sent in error. I asked the consultant if I could log a complaint. She provided me with her Team Leaders email address who asked me to email a screenshot of the sms received. This was sent on the 26th October 2018 at 16:16.

I sent a follow up email to the team leader on the 1st November at 10:55 stating that I gave him enough time to address my query and he responded to me the same day at 14:00 stating that the sms was sent in error. I responded to him at 14:11 stating that they were not taking me seriously and wanted to log a formal complaint as if the sms was sent in error another sms should have been sent stating such an error. He further responded on the same day at 16:38 stating that he will refer the matter to the credit card department before I lay a formal complaint as to how they could resolve my query and way forward.

the Team leader responded to me on the 3rd November at 11:08 stating that the Credit card division advised that they were unable to assist regarding the discount and he provided me with the complaints resolution email.

I sent an email to the complaints resolution email on the 5th November at 09:25 with the trail of email and included the Team Leader on the email. I did not receive a response to my email of complaint and sent a follow up email to the complaints resolution today the 8th November at 08:36.

This is really bad service that Standard bank gives their clients. That no one takes a complaint seriously.

I want this resolved ASAP

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