Pick & Pay Baywest Port Elizabeth Complaints - 50" Smart HD Television (Aim)

On the 23 Nov 18 @ 12.18pm I bought the 50" Smart HD television (Aim) on a black Friday special for an amount of R3999 slip no *052820 3325 1011132 15)
On the 19 October 2019 i took the tv in for repairs.a gentlemen with the name Justin helped me he took the TV and said he will book the TV in, but he cant give me any paper work to say that the tv is booked in as his manager is only coming to work on Monday.He said that the tv will be going in on Monday the 21 October 2019. He said they will send the tv in and if they can repair the problem then they will repair it otherwise they will refund me my money or replace the tv. my respond to him was i dont want my money i want my tv. he said he will give the message to the manager. On the 24 of October 2019 i phoned him and he said that the tv is still by them and it didnt go in yet. i said to him that i please want a respond to when it will be in he said he cant say when the people who repairs the tv's will come fetch it. i phoned on the 31st October 2019 again his response was that the tv was send in and that they cant fix it and that they will refund me. i said to him i dont want my money as the tv is not even a year old i want a new tv. He said i have to speek to his manager. i went to pick&Pay Baywest on the 02 November 2019 once again the manager ewasnt available then i asked him when will he be their he said on Monday. On Monday the 04 of November 2019 16:00 my mother and i went to Pick&Pay Baywest Port Elizabeth and spoke to the manager. He said to us that the tv cant be repaired the motherboard has packed up, so they must refund me my money. i said to him that i dont want my money i want a 50in Smart tv HD. he said he cant give that to me. now we asked him to give us the letter stating or the report stating that the motherboard is unrepairable which he couldnt provide as the findings were given to him telephonically. Then i asked him for a copy of the report were he send the tv to (technitions)I was then told by him that it is against their police to provide a copy of same to client.Once I inquired why I was told by the salesperson that the TV would be replace if unrepairable, the manager adviced the salesperson doen not have the knowledge to state that the TV would be replace. My question remains if the salesperson does not have the knowledge why have incompitenent staff serving clients on the floor?
Why is there never a manager available everytime I went there he is off or not available. I am very dissapointed in Pick & Pay and I am considring to get Legal advise regarding this matter as I bought a 50" Smart HD TV and expert same to be replace it is not my problem if they don't have stock. I would not recommend anyone to purchase electronics from Pick & Pay.
Very dissaponted - bad client service!
I would apprciate for feedback in this matter
Cell 0786729638

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