telkom Complaints - accont handed over to attorneys

good day
please assist account no LETHUKUTHULA PRENCE TELKOM MOBILE500935246, my account was with Telkom.. that I owe the money , I could not pay them in full .. otherwise if you go to their recording, I have been making arrangement with them of which they did not, then I decided to go on making a payment every month to them, I have missed one month then I received an email frm the attorney to say I must pay the, I have ask the lady why and she sd I have not been paying my account , to my surprise that I was paying the account every month. I have missed one payment.. I was owing Telkom r1500.00 at that time and they sent me a letter with the balance of r3000.00 I tried reasoning with them , but they were not listening , I carried on paying directly to Telkom. but whan I receive the statement the account is actually going up not down. I have advise the attorneys that I will not pay them , and also Telkom to take back the account otherwise I am stopping paying the account . attached is the email from them.hope you will be able to assist.

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