Ackermans Complaints - Account Activation

On the 28 of April 2019 i went to Ackermans Vosloorus Chris Hani Mall. I got the worst service ever from the cashiers Busi and Nomsa. I went in store to activate an account which i opened on line i received an SMS to go in store to activate the account, SMS stated that i should go in store with my ID, i did just that however when i walked to the cashier by the name of Busi i greeted her and she greeted back after a while with an attitude i then gave her my ID and advised her i would like to activate my account which i opened on line she replied with an attitude asking to see an SMS i showed her the SMS from my phone and she said well that is a wrong SMS as she was not willing to help me I asked if she can call the store manager for me she came back with the lady called Nomsa that lady did not greet me she said to me the Ackermans customer care do not work on Sundays why did i come on a Sunday she made a call she later said i told they did not answer. I then took my time and data to google the customer care contact numbers called them to my surprise the was an answer in less than two minutes i then explained to the lady that answered the she was helpful however we got disconnected as i ran out of airtime i then went to the lady and told her i managed to get hold of the customer service she replied with an attitude that she was not calling the customer care and that i am forward. she took my ID and said you will have to wait for 15 minutes i ended up waiting more that that i later was able to talk to the store manager well he apologized. during this whole incident i am with my children the run around as they finally assisted me i got so sick that i had to go back home i was given the card but could not shop as planned. I got in store at 9:00 AM left about 1 hour 30 minutes later with no help i am in so much pain after the bad experience i got in that store. Please be advised that i spent my data to get the contact numbers for Ackermans customer care late used my airtime to call the call center used my petrol to drive the store and drive back home with out any assistance. I do have existing accounts with other 2 retail stores both accounts where opened on line i do not recall receiving such horrible service i am so traumatized by the whole experience do not wish it on any one. my younger child was even crying when we got in the car by that drama we got in store.

BAD BAD BAD shopping experience ever at Ackermans Chris Hani Mall.

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