Seagle Telecom Complaints - Account not updated

I paid my vehicle finance on the 2nd of June 2018. Until now the 16th July 2018 Absa is still calling me accusing me of not have paid the account.

I have received the call from the 15th person daily from the 6th Of July until now. I have explained countless times to every consultant that the account has been paid every consultant has checked after i told them it is paid and confirmed it is up to date. They all promised me that they will update the account and promised me that they will put notes and its resolved only to be called over and over again.

Even though there might be some delay to update the system, the delay cannot be 14days long,that is very improper. I cannot pay an account 2 weeks in advance so that it reflect on time.

i do not know how your system works but there is need for improvement towards really time processing because it is really frustrating when you are being called more than 15 time for the same issue.

Please improve or verify accounts for updates first before you start making calls just as a precaution.

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