PEP Complaints - Accused of stealing

I went to one of PEP store in Johannesburg at ellof Street store code 8432 today with my friend to get some winter clothes for the baby at around 14:25 or 14:36 and I ask the sales lady who was next to me if I can get a different colour of baby fleas I was holding on my hand she just said u will find it by the entrance with an attitude I went and look I couldn't find what I ask for I went back to her only to find out that she has spotted goods which was in inside the plastic hidden under the rails full of PEP clothes she ran to the do to tell the security that she potted hidden items and told them that was the owner of the plastic she found & the security guy confronted me I ask if the can go & check on their CCTV when I was still in the store to check if it was me who was planning to steal the goods the respond was they need to call someone from head office to come & do that I then ask them to arrest me if I was a thief he refused to do so...i feel that I was wrongly accused I feel thaty Wright's as a customer were violated.

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