Private Complaints - AMOBIA COST ME THOUSANDS!!!!!!!!


Stay far away I lost R1500 because of Amobia because I cannot do my work. They throttle you. NEVER go to them. They make all sorts of promises. They are scammers. They offer a all these lines ie 4mbps 8, 10 etc. I run a puny 2mbps then they throttled me before the end of the month. Why pay that? Any money spent here is a waste. I have had my business page frozen as a result. I am not allowed to do business for the next few days. Thank you Amobia for always showing how you out do yourselves with poor service and causing non-stop problems for your clients. In total I have lost out on more than R4000 because of this useless service. I had to also take out a contract for back up internet at R400/month. This adds up to R9600 over two years.

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