Rodelsa Insurance Complaints - Appalling Service

I have never received such bad service from 2 companies in partnership together. Renault offers 1 year free insurance when you buy the Renault Kwid but it's certainly proven not to be a perk!!!

Carene Paaijmans of Rodel insurance is one of the worst consultants I've had the misfortune of crossing paths with. She is lazy and had no interest in helping the people who pay for her salary. I was involved I would be a car accident 2months ago and I still don't have my car back. Whenever I contact her she has a standard response -"give me your claim number and I'll get back to u on. I've had to run around to resolve my own problems with getting my car fixed. Two months later as I have done I still f on the have my car back and not a single word from Carene Paaijmans.

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mayeza.mustafa ( on 13/12/17 )

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I am having the same problem as we speak. I lodged claim on 22nd November and my vehicle haven't been attended to until now

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