DSTV Complaints - Appauled customer....pathetic service

Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2019, 18:09
Subject: Re:Appauled customer....pathetic service

Good day

I have been trying all week to get hold of someone who can assist me with reconnecting my dstv.this has been a nightmare.i have been paying for my services but i am told that i am in arrears but the call centre can not prove to me as to when i am in arrears from.they have sent me statements but payments have been made.i have also asked them to investigate and while they are doing that can we make arrangements to pay the arrears over 3 months and when they have found the issue we can resolve it but i have had no joy.last week end i was disconnected but when i called the call centre the consultant told me that there was an error due to a systems upgrade and that i am in credit of R3000 now they disconnected and they are saying im in arrears but can not prove how and when i defaulted payments.dstv has incurred me more expenses this week as i have been calling them from my mobile and have been on hold forever while they resolve absolutely nothing and calls for about half an hour.this is unacceptable.i have also asked them to call me back and they said that they are not allowed to.i wish i could tell my customers i am not allowed to call them back.i called at 2pm today and left my details for a manager to call me urgently and still no one has bothered.i even tried contact through the email and whatsapp service.i have ticket numbers to prove this and all your calls are recorded please feel free to listen to the many conversations i have had with consultants who have just wasted my time and money.

I wonder which life time i will get feed back after this email.

Good day

My last email above 21 September 2019 an I finally got a call back on the 23rd of September 2019 to escalate the issue and up until today 02/10/2019 this issue hasn’t been resolved. I was told the payments where outstanding from March 2018??? But I am only notified in 2019 about the arrears and being disconnect over a year later??? But I still don’t have proof as to where and when I had defaulted.
As I said in the previous email, if I have and I get proof I will not shy away from the payment default.
I was willing to even make payment arrangements whilst they sort out the issue.
Yesterday a payment of R1900.00 was made as I do every month and this morning my DSTV is disconnected.

I have called in this morning from my work landline and I distinctly said please do not keep me holding for a long period of time as I am calling from work and despite that I was kept on hold for over 20mins until I had to disconnect the call when my boss had walked in.

I will also get a print out from my mobile service provider for all the calls that I have made to DSTV and I have also had to borrow friends and families mobiles to call through as I am kept on hold for half an hour at a time. Someone will have to reimburse me for my calls which amount to more than the arrears amount that is for sure!!!!

What pathetic service from such a big company. It’s sad that this company wants to just take people’s money and not provide a service!!!!!

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