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Poor Business Etiquette - Sales Manager (HP)

Janine | 21 Jun 2019, 15:59

I have experienced the worst kind of service as a new client with Teljoy. Since I did an online application with Teljoy I encounted headaches! After dealing with incompetant sales consultants / agents, I requested to speak to a Manager in New Business. I was then contacted by Teljoys Sales Manager called HP. Forgetting that all calls are recorded on his side, did he proceed in advising that my application had been approved and also for both items that I applied for... He said this more than once to me! He then also advised that my next phone call within the hour would be from Jim advising on when I can expect delivery. We'll, I did receive a call, but not from him, another consultant calling to advise me now of a compmetly different story! As I explained to her that I just spoke to HP and he advised that all was approved and he was to phone me with a delivery date! Needless to say, she sounded more confused than I was!! I have been trying to phone HP, I have left numerous amounts of msgs and also sent him an email, and still not one response back from him!! I am so angry and appauled by his poor business etiquette and how Teljoy treats new clients!!! This is not acceptable at all!!!

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