joburg Ballet Complaints - arrogant and unfair teacher

my child was accepted for ballet ant joburg ballet. The teacher there called keke send her out of class because she made a mistake. He didn't call or tell happened again for the second time and I email a question was straight and requesting "how can I help you regarding my child, I hear you send her out.i actually though she was misbehaving but the teacher send 5 paged letter telling me how im taking my child site. And how the probation in few weeks will show her was so clear he will make sure she wont make it.she constantly told kids at training "you will be running to your mother when I chase u..and my child was not taken. This is someone who don't know how to deal with children and why is he/she working with one .he obviously don't have one.the worst part is the assessor was her friend who teach with him not an outsider..This NGO was to help kids not a friend society that teached and hee friend nominate .This is killing young ones dreams..

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