sars Complaints - assessment letter issues to deceased that has passed on 7years ago

Sars demand tax to my deceased father: Income tax R111 607.92 for 2007 and 2008 penalty amount R8500 my father passed on 2003. Dikeledi from Newcastle branch Sars said I should never report sars bad behaviour or else I will never be that's exactly what is happening.i was once kidnapped for my father's estate social developments has knowledge of this.if sars had paid my father's funds this would have been prevented,I am in debts with student loans yet my father was well off, my father's ex spouse buys people/entities' in order to get funds to my father's estate illegall.sars has changed my father's residential address to my father's ex spouse where else my father's has never lived there.i have people coming at my house threatening my life even some GEPF senior employees I beg can I not be the next uyinene.sars has blocked me in all their communication systems. I need my fathers money and sars is telling me to wait on 21days via email while my life is being threatened.another Sars employee tells me over the phone to forget my fathers estate because he has passed on.i never thought Sars can be this abusive.

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