Hair health and beauty Complaints - Attention all hairstylists

My experience at ‘Hair Health and beauty’ in Linbro Park Johannesburg.
I gave my hairdryer in for repair beginning of May, received it back 31.05 with 3 months warrantee. 15.06.2011 the hairdryer was only blowing cold air. I phone the company to collect it for another repair which they refused. 27.06. I brought the same hairdryer for repair and my clipper for service. I was given an order number and promised to be kept informed on the progress. For 3 weeks I phoned to follow up each time reassured that its almost ready. I phone again as my patience were running out and eventually found out my repair order wasn’t processed because I haven’t paid the deposit. No one for 3 weeks ever mentioned anything about paying the deposit, only promises to deliver my repairs soon. Company understood this all was 100% their fault but refused too come to some sort of compromise and quickly fix the situation. They kept on saying i must come in and pay R200 deposit or if I want to receive my hairdryer and clipper back unfixed I had to drive to them myself or place a purchase order with which they will deliver my unfixed items. As per usual the owner of the company was not available to speak too, to try resolving the issue
My representative went to pay the deposit on the same day, was promised a call with information on delivery date and total due. The owner, when asked to speak too, refused to discuss the issue.
28.07.2011 I received my items with no prior phone call warning me and so I did not have enough cash to pay. To this my clipper came back in a worse condition to when I gave it in for service. The invoice included same service billed as the previous one: lubrication service, striped and cleaned, for which I had to pay again so to what use is the guaranty? And what was the point of repeating what was done couple of weeks prior?
The owner of this company never outstood in well mannered clientele communication and trained his staff to same manners.
I still don’t have my things.
Excellent service Mr Larse, wouldn’t you say?!

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