Topmed Medical aid Complaints - Authorization for Bone Marrow Edema

i am a very frustrated client in pain since i have been waiting for authorization from Topmed medical aid because i have bone marrow edema. i have forwarded them all the necesary documents and they keep on insisting that they want an injury report and an xray for the fracture. i have countless times tried to explain what bone arrow edema is an how non of the above can not be provided as i was not injured.My thigh bone which is my femur ran out of the marrow inside so there will not be eny accident report nor xray stating whatever they are asking for. That is why on the letter i have send them from the Dr s the wanted a Clinical motivation letter my Orthopaedic stated why is he using the medical quotes he is using as this is not an injury and what the condition is. He just has to decompress the bone and release the pressure from inside thats it. nothing much nothing less. i have been trying to call countless times to atleast explain as it is clear that you people have no idea what this is all about and have no intension of finding out what it is as all you want is an accident report and an xray with a fracture so i guess you want me to go do fraud and get an xray with a fracture and create a fake incident report because that is all you want simply because you are not giving urself space to analys and understand this thing or simply escalate it to professional doctors to explain exactly what this is.

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