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I strongly feel that some MWeb employees should not receive salaries as it undoubtedly appears that they really don’t care about their clients. There is absolutely NO client service!

On the 19th of July 2018 shortly after 12:00 as per appointment Mr Elmar Stoffels, one of the field sales agents of MWeb, visited myself and my Personal Assistant, Mr Herschelle Vries, at my offices/residence in Chrismar, Bellville to explain the much advertised fibre package. A few days later, namely on the 25th of July, I signed a contract for the 20/20 uncapped fibre package explicitly (clearly) requesting on the form that they should notify me WHEN the first debit order would take place. This was also mentioned to Elmar when he explained the process to us (Herschelle and myself).

At 19:00 on the 8th of October a pro rata amount of R839.10 was debited from my account. This placed me in an invidious position as almost this whole amount was reserved for another urgent matter.

During the meeting on the 19th of July we had with Elmar, he never mentioned that immediately after the activation of the service by MWeb a pro rata amount for the month ahead would be deducted from my bank account.

Furthermore, I have documentary proof that I signed for the package of R909.00 per month, NOT for R929.00 as I was invoiced later.

The next morning, i.e., on the 9th of October Herschelle called the MWeb call centre to find out why my account had been debited without my knowledge. He spoke to two different call centre agents who explained to him that this was standard practice of the company to deduct an amount soon after one’s service has been activated. This was news to us!

The second call centre agent Herschelle spoke to by the name of Nirvana in the Sales Support Department explained to him that she would put through a request for Mr Elmar Stoffels to make contact with me so that I could try and clear this matter up with him.

After Herschelle had ended the call with MWeb I instructed him to get in contact with Mr Elmar Stoffels to discuss this matter further with him. Until this time, every time that we tried to get hold of Elmar he either took our call or returned it almost immediately, but now – because of his messing up?! – after numerous attempts by Herschelle to get a hold of him, Elmar finally took the call. Herschelle explained the situation and my anger to Elmar stressing the fact that an amount of R839.10 had been debited without my prior knowledge from my account. He enquired from him why we had not previously been informed that this would be happening. Surely Elmar should have mentioned this. Also, on the signed Fibre Application form there is an express request that I should be notified BEFORE the first debit order were to be effected.

Elmar told Herschelle basically the same thing that the call centre agents had already disclosed to us, that this is standard practice of the company to debit an amount after the activation. He nonchalantly said that there was nothing that he could really do with regards to the fact that the money was now gone out of my bank account without my prior knowledge. He also did not provide any explanation as to why he did not disclose this information to us (Herschelle and me) during our meeting on the 19th of July.

Herschelle then contacted MWeb again on the same day (i.e., the 9th of October) and spoke to an agent by the name of Rafikah. He explained to her everything in detail regarding this matter and what had transpired between him and the phone call to Mr Elmar Stoffels. She then asked Herschelle if he would want to speak to the supervisor of Elmar. He agreed. When Rafikah tried to transfer the call to the supervisor the call was cut off. Herschelle phoned back again and spoke to the exact agent again where she this time advised him to log onto the MWeb webpage to leave a complaint there. Herschelle did exactly that: he provided them with all details.

The following day (i.e. the 10th of October) on the MWeb webpage we received a reply from MWeb informing us that the matter had been escalated and that we could soon expect to be contacted by the manager of Elmar Stoffels. Not long after we had seen this answer on the webpage, we received a call from the Fields Agents Supervisor, Mr Nadir Warries, who spoke to Herschelle.

Once again – this was now the umpteenth time! – Herschelle ended up explaining to Nadir also the entire situation. Nadir said that disciplinary steps would be taken against Elmar Stoffels for neglecting to inform us about the amount that would be debited from my account. He furthermore said that they would discuss the matter of coming up with different strategies to have the money returned to my account and then be debited again at a later date. He (Nadir Warries) informed Herschelle that he would get back to us with a solution to the problem the following day, that is the 11th of October. Nadir agreed to Herschelle’s suggested time, namely at 11:00.

The following day (the 11th of October) we waited for the call from Mr Nadir Warries at 11:00. Needless to mention, he dit NOT call! Herschelle tried numerous times to get a hold of him, but they were all in vain. The next best thing was to again lodge a complaint on the MWeb webpage. We needed to know why Mr Nadir Warries, MWeb’s Fields Agents Supervisor, had failed to get in touch with us as promised.

After trying again numerous times to contact him, only by 15:05 did Herschelle manage to get hold of him successfully. Nadir said that he was not at the office as he had to leave the office after 09:00 to attend to a personal matter. He claimed that he had asked his assistant to get in touch with us to inform us of this matter. No-one contacted us! Nadir then asked if we could reschedule our appointment with him for the following day, i.e., the 12th of October. They (Nadir and Herschelle) mutually agreed on 10:00. AGAIN the MWeb Fields Agents Supervisor, Mr Nadir Warries, failed to contact us the following day as promised.

TEN DAYS LATER (on the 22nd of October) – which was surely enough time for Nadir to think out more lies why MWeb and he in particular pride themselves in failing their clients – Herschelle called him AGAIN. Surprisingly Nadir took the call, but asked if he could call us back in 10 minutes, which he did. Another surprise! Nadir did, however, ask Herschelle if anyone from the Billing Department had contacted us. No-one did! If they claim that they did, can they please provide us with documentary proof. This time Nadir explained to Herschelle that there was nothing that the billing department could do in terms of providing me with a refund for the money that was debited from my account without my prior knowledge.

Upon my insistence Herschelle asked Nadir if he was willing to accept my intention to warn prospective clients about the raw deal from MWeb. Nadir said that he was “okay with it.” Herschelle repeated the question, and again Nadir said the same. Wouldn’t a person in this (senior) position try to avoid this somehow?

It is saddening to know that this is the level of service one can expect to get from MWeb. How are you supposed to put your trust in a company like this?! If this is how they are conducting themselves with clients then it probably won’t take that long before I decide to cancel my subscription with them. I hope that they can better equip themselves with staff who knows how to do their work properly and that don’t blatantly lie and deceive their clientele.

Yes, it is sad indeed that I am now forced to expose MWeb in the media for their unbelievably corrupt service. I will make sure everyone KNOWS what kind of company MWeb really is. And Mr Nadir Warries, the Fields Agents Supervisor, said twice that he’s okay with it.

A warning to the general public: don’t get involved with this corrupt company called MWeb; save yourself hours of fighting in vain telephonically; keep your sanity and dignity. Don’t allow MWeb to force you to turn from a gentle sheep into a venomous snake!

Pieter Bezuidenhout

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