Defy Appliances Complaints - Bad, Appaling Service

I bought a washing machine from Game Store at Westgate on the 01/10/2017 and in April 2018 I called them to report a faulty machine. This washing machine is no longer doing it's normal functions which is washing, rinse and drying. They asked a Defy Technician to come assess the situation but how could you assess a situation by not making sure that the machine is washing, he asked for the machine to be switched on which is fine as the machine does switch on but does not work it's normal functions. He just said the machine is not in par with the machine in terms of height and he put a tap so that the machine can be at the same height, but failed to ensure that the machine was working. Now I was called by the Game manager who was too quick to pass the bug, from speaking to Sam and then his manager. They said they will speak to Defy to get this issue resolved. Now my question is why are they involving me in their internal affairs cause I am the customer, I was never there when they Game and Defy made arrangement. Now it is my problem to deal with Defy whereas I bought my washing machine from Game, and Defy is refusing to give me a refund or a new washing machine. I want my refund and feel frustrated that I still have to use a washing machine which has to be assessed all the time and has a 3 year warranty. The service from Game and Defy is appalling and they should be called out for such treatment towards paying customers. I am angry and highly disappointed at this terrible situation that clearly has no resolution and I refuse to get yet another Technician and Defy is forcing the situation as I explained that I do not want another technician and I just want my money back.

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