Pearson Institute for Higher Education (MGI) Complaints - Bad attitude, incompetent, mis information

I have been dealing with this institute for the past 3 years . They have no way of communicating straightforwardly with students . A a result students easily get misled and no one wishes to take responsibility for any wrong information given at the Institute. After 3 Years there has been no change in attitude. Staff at Pearson have no respect for their students and clients when there are issues , which lead to negative confrontations and no responsibility on the institutes behalf to correct wrong information given. It is a headache to deal with unfriendly and rude arrogant people when payment, supplementary exams , work or any other aspect on their behalf gets misconstrued or misplaced by the Institute. I have lost a lot of money here, if you don't have time to pay off heavy student loans as there is no outline for payment on their website like other institutes provide please stay away as the fees are very heavy and they don't even tell you you have to pay 11 K for de-registration etc they very much make its seem like a dream to study but I have had the worst experience dealing with them further than this image. My total came out to over 100K which I couldn't afford to go on studying and they quoted me 91K for one year alone now , the fees seem to fluctuate and no one really cares to elaborate on fees till it's too late. I am not happy how they handled my supplementary, my friends are all siting in a degree courses for 3 years now going on to 5 years at the Institute. I took 3 gap years to work of my student loans and I'm still going to graduate only one year behind only having exactly 3 years to complete it . Why people stay at Pearson longer than 3 years , is beyond me. Perhaps it has something to do with this bad attitude, words that get twisted , blame that falls wholly on the student alone along with crushing fees . In my experience it was horrible to deal with the main people at person . Their campus is lovely and their lectures are nice. But there are some questionable practises such as Pre-degree program which takes on complete foreigners that can't speak a word of English obviously not qualified to sit in this course, a lot of lecturers which leave disgruntled, and some forms of racism I have seen in lectures. These are the reasons why I don't recommend people to study at this institute it's not worth the money to deal with arrogant and horrible admin or lack of information on everything at the University, they will constantly hit you with information you had not know once you raise queries , only because no one cares to tell students what they're getting themselves into.

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