TELKOM SA LTD Complaints - Bad Bad Service

I am so fed up with Telkom with their services.

In May 2017 I ask them to upgrade my speed line to 4. A lady told me and convince me to have unlimited data. I agree and said let me try it. After two weeks I phone Telkom to take it back as it was because I cannot do anything the Speed was worse than ever, it just resuming all the time. They done the change but did not fixed my account. No amendments. The prize is not the same. I am back on my normal account which was R456 and they one I wanted without limited for R506 the unlimited one is R625 and they still deducted this amount. This is March already.
I phone them at least 2 to 3 time a day all what say said every time to me they will escalate it. Someone will phone me Never ever happens. (Supervisor, ext) In 48 hours or the same day. Still waiting.

I decided to close my account in October. Done the online cancellation. Phone them, they found it that it is done. I told them I need to keep my Email account with them. They said I must phone the account department to do that for me. Phone the account department, No they cannot do it before the account is closed. Phone again the cancellation dept. No they cannot not do it, because if they do the cancellation I will not get my emails to work or back again. Phone again the account apartment the lady said they do not what they are doing I must just say closed the account. Phone the cancellation again and said They cannot do because there is a outstanding balance Which is true now because I refuse to pay need to refund my account for all the extra I paid al ready Then I will pay the outstanding balance. If any. Why cannot they just closed everything and give me my money back. Stop given me every time a different story. I do not even know who to believe anymore what they are saying because nothing is happing. How can they keep charging me if I put cancellation request in and over charge me and do not fixed anything I ask. They are ripping me off now and I will not take responsibility. I have so many prove of all the calls, numbers they me like pin codes Fault numbers. I really do not no what to do anymore Maybe they must take me to court and then suppose something will happen. But why put me in a bad situation and I belong to them for many years. Now they are doing this to me. This is not fair at all. I do not even use the internet service any more got a new provider to must hassle with Telkom.
Here is all the numbers I got from them: Ref 25246435, 23336236, 26579404, 25246435, 319727661A, 254831577A, refer ITT 4145411,
This one apparently 319718249A is the cancellation number I did on the 9 Nov 2018
Now I must pay all the money because they cannot short my account out nor do the cancellation. I need all my money back which I have been over charge and need to pay me back since I ask to cancel my account. They are laying all the time Told me will take a week, then 3 days, The best of all telling it will take 3 months to cancel account and now they say a month again. What must you believe?
This is already March still charging me. I need to get a refund from Dec, Jan, Feb which will be R1875+ Now for March all so R625.66 I did phone them again on in last week Athi account dept put in a dispute Ref 27344561 Told me they will phone me I am still waiting. Hope you people can do something for me my Account nr is 337788983

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