I have never been faced with such a rude phonecall reception by one of the female employees.

I was made to feel not so important when I wanted to talk to the Store or Admin Manager in a follow up conversation from the one we had a while ago.

The female employee picking the phone after I had placed my request, decided to place the phone and went on discussing on the side with her co worker, shaming me that I insisted on being directed to a store manager and uttering false insinuations of our brief phone convo. After going for over twenty five minutes holding the phone on my side while the illmannered female worker continued rapturing into laughter with a colleague on the side of the phone, I eventually gave up and dropped the line.

This was despite the Store and Admin Manger having initially requested me to call back to the Store in order for them to transmit/relay details of my stolen phone to Edgars in Mafikeng Mall-since a private email (mine) would automatically not be compatible to share the same. I GUESS, footage of phone reception at number 3910176 for a phonecall drpped at 407 pm will show this bad behaviour

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