Pep Clothing and Pep Home Gilwell taxi retail centre Complaints - bad customer service

Friday 2 June 2018, I received a tracking code to collect a parcel from a Pep in Gilwell Taxi Centre. Saturday we went to collect and were told it hasn't arrived yet. We should try Monday 4 June 2018. I then decided to collect later in the afternoon. I asked at the parcel counter and I was told to stand in the queue and someone will assist. on getting to the counter I was told that no Paxi parcels have arrived and they're expecting them the next da because tgry received an sms informing them about it. I then asked how long does it take to courier parcels, and was not given a definite answer but all they said couriers don't work on weekends. Today is Tuesday 05 June 2018 I am told no parcel from Paxi was received by their store. I became very confused because I have a tracking code I was given to collect the parcel. On showing the message to the teller she looks at me as if I have lost my mind, and she told me I'm at the wrong store because the code on the message belongs to Pep Clothing upstairs. I asked is there another Pep stores in the complex and she gave me directions to check there, because I should have known that the code belongs to another store. On getting to Pep clothing, I went to the parcel counter to ask for the courier services. I was told to go stand in the queue. I waited a good 15 minutes before I was served and on getting to the counter I am told that no Paxi courier deliveries were made. The teller said but I said so earlier. To whom because it was the first thing I asked for at the parcel counter and it didn't need me to go stand in the queue. she asked me what the message says and I gave her the message to read and she mocked saying but our courier services take 7 working days and the other one responds it takes 3 working days. Then I get information after so much efforts. in the first instance we should have been told to produce the tracking code and then be told which Pep to go to and not take things for granted that I know how their stores have codes I know nothing about. 2nd point I should have been told that the Paxi courier deliveries take 3 working days. 3rdly the tellers at the Pep clothing stores should have clearly stated that there were no deliveries made today and further investigate when I have received the courier tracking code and then offer. They did all this way after I had waited in the queue to which the information only took less than a minute to give. The customer service bothe at pepe home and clothing at Gilwell taxi retail centre in East London leaves much to be desired

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