Pep Cape Town at Mfuleni Complaints - Bad customer service and being accused by Bongiwe that I puted in the price on the product

So yerstaday I want to pep Cape Town in Mfuleni so as so I did my shopping till I went to pay my staff having a duvet to pay that has no original price on only a mark down price of R56 with a red sticker then the cashier scan the borcode than scanned the price of R189 which was not on the duvet when I tell the cashier that's not the price the cashier sad no that's the price than I asked her than why is not on the duvet so she went on till we went to check on the floor when we get there most of the duvets there no prices at all so we went back so she called the supervisor with aa name of Bongiwe so we told Bongiwe what happen with the duvet and bongiwe told me that am the one who puted that price there because I wanted to pay the less price so I asked Bongiwe we did a get that price if I am the one who puted it there so she called the security becouse she sad am not following the rules of the shop I ask what rules you pep stores you have that doesn't meet the customers to a point of accusing me to put a wrong price on a duvet so I ended up leaving the store with out buying as the whole staff was saying I must leave because am not gonna get the duvet

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