APM bus Complaints - BAD DRIVING

Hai.i would like to compain about driver who took the bus over from montros to durban yesterday on the 13 of murch 2019 around 17:30. The driver was so recles on the road in such a way that i had no choice but to talk with GOD and put on my sitbelt, my eyes were full of tears i never be so vurnable in my life.on top of that his phone rings now and then he talk to his phone all the way.it unfortunate that i couldnt get his name.but if the owner of this company sees this , please sir speak your drivers to drive carefully on the road.i know maybe your mission is to grow your company up sir, but i also think your passengers comes first because without them and the bad reputation of your company, your company is dead.i dont ever see myself on APM bus ever again even now i have troumar of what i saw yesterday and the larst think the company should give this driver a warning because he will kill enoucent people one day.mark my words on that.

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