MTN Complaints - Bad Network Coverage

I have been using MTN for more than 13 years and was served very well until I relocated to Thornhill (Polokwane). The network coverage is so bad that I can hardly here or be heard when making or receiving calls. The sad thing is that I am billed for these calls every month. For me to succesfully make or receive a call I have to drive out of the complex to Thornhill shopping centre even at night. This is totally unacceptable

I lodged several complains to the service provider and only in April MTN managed to send one of their technicians to my house to assess the problem. The technician (Emmanuel) confirmed that there is a poor network coverage and it has to be attende to. Up until today the problem is still unresolved. I tried several times to contact the technician just to check the progress and could not be transfered to him. I was only promised that he will return my call.

On average I spend not less than R1200 per month for my prepaid phone and two contract phones with MTN. I strongly feel that MTN has to reimburse certain portion of my cellphone expenditure from February until now and then cancell my contract free of charge.

Hope my quiry will be resolved.


Contact: 083 698 1416
015 263 6129

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gregor_c ( on 13/11/12 )

Attitude : Agree Send Mail

Hi Alfred, is there a tower in your area?

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