Durban North Auto Sales Complaints - Bad Serive Lies told to customers

On arrival at DNAS from Ladysmith on 30th Oct 2017 at 9h30, the vehicle was no where near ready, however we were asked to pay in R2000 the Friday before, to get the vehicle ready on time for Monday!
Vehicle was ONLY ready for us to pick up at 16h30.
We had asked Gan several times if this car as in an accident damage and his answer was always NO!
We spotted rust on the vehicle on many places
The spare tyre was damaged
The car had dents, cracks and scratches, which were hidden with polish- this should have been shown to us, an honest salesman will treat his customer with respect by be truthful!
The FORD Badge was not on the car - we had to Beg for one, and this was ONLY given to us b-cos of the problems we faced on pick up - and we were told more than once, this badge was done as a FAVOR!
On pick up the second time, the back light glass was cracked, whish it was not when we first saw the vehicle.
We have had this gear problem since the day we had this car
The battery gave up within 2 months of pick up of the vehicle
Car had to be sent to Auto Valet to be polished to get it looking sparkly and get its colour back as it was faded and dull
Aircon & Main Drive belt gave up after 6 months of having this car!
We were told so many times by Salesman Gan that we were being too fussy when we asked so many questions on the doubts and concerns we had regarding the car
We weren't even given enough fuel, in fact we had to practically beg for the little we got
On pick up, while stuck in town, NO ONE was sent to our aid, we had to struggle on our own to drive the vehicle back to your premise - the gear box could have broken, what would have happened then??
I strongly feel that no matter whether we purchased a vehicle for Cash, Rent To Own or via Vehicle Finance, every customer should be treated the same, and with the utmost honesty and respect!

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