Postnet Balfourpark mall Complaints - Bad servece

I did open a postbox at postnet in the balfourpark mall
To receive parcels. The manager Snowy had a fight with the post delivery man and he refuce to deliver the post to them. Snowy call and tell you to go down to the postoffice to pick up your mail there. When i confronted her about it, she sent her people to collect the parcel, pay for it and i just pay the same amount at postnet. I cancelled my postalbox with them because there is always a problem. I also feel that there must be a stock
Lost for them because i only pay the post office fee and no fee at postnet. I do have a problem because i get a call and must go to the postoffice. Why pay postnet but must go to the postoffice. Snowy do have a bad attetude against me because i did cancel my box for the bad service. Some of my parcels is still going there and she treat me very bad when i go to get it. I dont think she deserve the position she is in.

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