Altech Netstar Complaints - Bad Service

Been a client of Altech Netstar for +- 2 years, few months ago tried to put a unit in my wifes car since i allredy have two other units in two other vehicles, had appointments made to fit the unit on two different dates, needless to say they never piched to do the installation after we had to take leave for the 2 days on seperate dates , no one ever called to apologise or to inform us that the installation can not take place. I cancelled the unit.
Then few months later i decide to try the again, my son bought a new car, so i called them on Monday and arranged for the tracking unit to be removed from the one car and be replaced into the new car, these units have panic buttons. I was assured promply that the job will be done and a arrangement was made for the Thursday at my sons work address...would you believe it again without any excuse they did not pich for the fitment nor was any appology made , my wifes car was supposed to be fitted a new unit on Friday which is today. I called Netstar and put through to excalations department i explaine my frustration to the consultant and demanded service from them, she had no answers for me but said she would ascalate my complain.
Received a call from their fitment centre to inform me sorry sir we have no stock... after i explained that arrangements was made to again leave my wifes car at home...
My conclusion is simply thar at Altech Netstar there is NO SERVICE delivery at all, they have no control over their fitment centres and no one are held accountable.
Sales consultants need to be trained well and to follow up on installations and managers need to be held accountable.

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