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Your consultants in OR Tambo are full of attitude ( not all of them) you'd swear that one will be travelling for free. This is a second time this happens to me, I hate it because I have worked as customer service agent for 11 years in one of the biggest airlines, I am now in a senior position and I take your bus from OR Tambo after work ( because flight are obviously full) and your consultants are just disgusted to serve people.

I wanted to book my ticket around 13:30 today 18.12.2017 and this lady looked like she was smelling poo ( I couldn't miss that part with her big lips moving with disgust)I felt like I was bothering her. Do you even train these girls or you just throw in some random girls who are looking for a job and end up treating your paying customer like crap? I left without buying the ticket as I wasn't going give my money to someone who didn't appreciate it.

Disgusting service from this particular consultant !!

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