Hyundai Boksburg (73 North Rand road) Complaints - Bad service

Dear Customer Service Team, Customer Service Team,

The dealership : Hyundai Boksburg (73 North Rand road),

I am writing to you to raise an issue about Cars at Hyundai on December 13th, 2017.

Good day,

I bought a i10 motion at Hyundai Boksburg in 2015.
1) when the vehicle went in for its 30 000 km (31/07/2015) service upon collection we realized that it had been scratched by another vehicle. So my car had to return to the dealership to have the scratch marks buffed out. Two weeks later it had to go back to the dealership to have my alarm system repaired as the doors wouldn't unlock when the car stood in the sun for 20 minutes. The repairs was done and 3 days later it had to go back with the exact same issue. we then realized when the mechanic opened the panel that the wires had been previously (by Hyundai) taped together and as soon as the tape got warm it would case the sticky glue to rub off on the wires and cause them not to make good contact. They said the fixed it but didn't as a week went past and the car started having the same issue. Me and my father fixed the wiring ourselves as we were not prepared to take the car back for a 3rd time.

2) On the 45 000 km service the car came back with a noise from the engine. It was booked in again and repaired.

3) On the 60 000 km service (13/12/2017)
it went in for its final major service.
Three weeks after the service on a rainy day i realized my back wiper blade wasn't working. One week after on my way to work the fly wheel and clutch (previously done on 60 000 km service) started giving me problems. I couldn't pull away in first gear and it made a big screeching noise when changing gears. The car went in the next day and we got told that they drove it around and that there was nothing wrong. On collection the plastic cover under the steering wheel had its clips broken off by the technician. That same afternoon the vehicle was collected and broke down the next morning when it had complete clutch failure. The vehicle was towed back to Hyundai where they discovered that the fly wheel was broken. My first question was why didn't they pick this up the previous day? Didn't they do their job correctly?
Because of the fly wheel the starter in my vehicle got damaged and needed repairs. We got told my Charmain in service it will take a day and that the vehicle would be ready the next morning for collection. This was not the case - the vehicle stood by them for a week because they had to send the starter out to a third party and they were waiting on parts to arrive. The cover under the steering wheel was also replace on this day because of the broken clips.
during this repairs we did inform them that my back wiper blade wasn't working and got told that they would fix it.
the repairs to the wiper blade had been done and it was working 100% for about two uses. On Wednesday (17/01/2018) i did not work. On Saturday me and my father saw that the rubber housing for the wiper blade on the boot door had been cut open and taped back together with black insulation tape. when we removed the tape we saw that Hyundai had fixed the wiring issue with black insulation tape. and that the sticky glue came off once again because of the heat and this caused the wires not to make good contact hence my wiper not working.
on Thursday (18/01/2017) i did phone Hyundai to let them know about the wiper being a problem when i was told that on the service report there is nothing saying a wiper was fixed. However i have photos for evidence that the black tube going over the wiper wasn't cut or taped closed before it went in to Hyundai and when we got it back it was cut and taped closed.
I do have photos as evidence of these cases as I quickly realized that the like to use tape to solve everything and that i would most likely have problems again. (see attached photos)

What is the problem at this dealership?
1) Is the mechanics not properly trained?
2) Do they have the impression that tape can fix any problem?
3) are the looking for quick fixes to save time?
4) Don't they care about customer service?
5) Don't they have/take pride in their jobs?

If this is the case i would rather then have my car serviced myself as i know it wont have a problem when i'm done.

Hyundai Boksburg will never have me as a client again!

They have poor work ethics and cause more problems then they fix. Very disappointed in them.

1) train the staff better
2) do a proper job first time around so the clients don't need to come back 4 times as it is a huge inconvenience
3) send staff for proper training regarding electric wires and how to properly fix broken wires
4) not use tape to try and fix everything as clearly it does not work (even a person who isn't a mechanic would know this)
5) when asked to check the vehicle out - do it thoroughly.

I look forward to a prompt response.

Yours faithfully

Mariska van Reenen - 0763175403
[email protected]

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