mtn Complaints - bad service

my WhatsApp expired, and I bought R20 data on the 23rd of Feb but it was finished before I could download the new version of the app. on the 24th I bought 100mb and I only needed 30mg to finish the download, but my data was finished in about 20 min and still don't have WhatsApp.
I tried contacting mtn but the answering machine does not give an option for an operator.
I need an answer from mtn:
!. how much data do I need to download a 30mb app?
2. how much data am I being charged per minute, if I could use 100mb in 20 min?
3. what must I do to get hold of the operator if I need assistance?
4. some people are not normal, I myself suffer from depression, my health gets affected if I am in a situation that frustrates me. what causes more frustration is that mtn does not have an operator to assist. you are putting our health at risk, you don't know what happens or goes on to the mind of a depressed person when cornered.
I request answers from mtn.

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