ABSA Complaints - Bad service

I'm a first time home owner. I bought my property almost 3 years ago. I was approved by all the banks on the loan but when with ABSA as I have been with them from the start. they were also the only bank that requested plans for the property. as I first time buyer this gave me peace of mind. I loaded a building claim on the 23/03/2018. contact was made by the contractor and then the assessor. the assessor informed me that the building work was not done to standard, "my question was, why then requesting the plans. I'm not a building contractor as a profession" I have not heard from the bank. I phone the bank on the 16/04/2018 only to be told that the claim has been revert to some one ells. being a client of ABSA for the time I have been and being in the motor industry where customer service is one of my main KPI, I find this totally in acceptable. I expect some one from ABSA to make contact with me and to explain exactly what is going to happen, when is it going to happen and when they will be finished. after all that is what I'm paying for every month.

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