Frontline and Prism Complaints - Bad Service

I was involve in accident on the 29 March 2018 at around 4am and I called the insurer immediately but the towing truck only arrived after 2pm and my car was with him in King Williams Town for 2 full weeks and 3 days. I submitted all the necessary and required documents before the all the document that were required In the 2nd week the assessor went to assess the damaged on the vehicle and the insurer concluded to write off the vehicle. I then told them I want my Car back. on the 19 April they took the vehicle from King Williams Town to a storage in Durban and they appointed another assessor to go and assess the vehicle again. I have no reference number of my claim or anything like and I do not have anything that prove or says my claim was approve. The took my vehicle to Durban without me knowing or my consent. I do not know why my vehicle is in Durban, I really do not know. This is stealing and they act like they own the Vehicle. I was never told why they are writing the vehicle off and how much they are going to pay for it. Only God knows where my broker is. I dealt with more than 20 different people from day one until today and they are defending each other including their organisation by telling lies all the time including their manager. I have been telling a Guy by the name of Danie that I want my Car Back but he is not listen and does not care because he went ahead and sent my Car to Durban. He promised to revert back to me as soon as he get a feedback. I do not know when is that going to be. I asked for his Manager's number and he did not provide me that information instead he gave the contact number of the place where my Car is. I am so exhausted and can not deal with this company anymore. I am not gonna let them take money from me again.

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