Samsung Complaints - Bad Service

I put Samsung on notice today that I will not be accepting any further attempts to repair my TV.

It is very disappointing that it has come to this as I am an avid user of Samsung products throughout my household and my entire family has Samsung phones. I have noticed the same poor screen quality on my Samsung S8 of late as it now too suffers from defects in the screen, but that I will keep as a separate topic to be tackled later.

I will list my references below so that it is clear how many attempts I have made and have been made to resolve my problem.

Ref: 4210650820 (May)

I informed Samsung of light bleeding on the panel and they sent a technician from Liptronics to assess.

It was discovered that the panel was faulty and would be replaced.

They pitched up with a flat panel and had to return again with the correct curved panel. (how this mistake could be made is beyond me as they had all the details of my TV upfront)

The replacement panel turned out worse than my original as the only issue was light bleeding at the time otherwise the picture was fine.

The TV has dusty pink hues on areas that should be uniformly grey.

If the technician had simply gone to the test patterns on the TV he would have picked it up, but I had to explain to them telephonically every time whilst at work and they being at my premises with my mom.

Ref: 4211164084 (June)

Samsung dispatched another technician from Liptronics after I advised them of the issues with the panel.

Panel was once again replaced and after a week I noticed the exact same issue.

The technician had the audacity to tell me to keep an eye on it and inform Samsung if it gets worse.

I said I will not do so and demanded they sort it out immediately before it gets worse.

The technician said he would take pictures and send it to his head office, which never happened as Samsung confirmed thereafter that the job was showing as completed and closed on their system.

Ref: 7112205939 – VOC claim (June)

I asked Samsung to escalate and lodged a formal complaint that the TV was still not fixed.

I was promised someone would get back to me, but once again I had to do all the calling and flowing up.

Apparently the booking was made in Durban instead of Cape Town thus they had to re-book someone to come out to me.

Liptronics technician inspected the TV again and said he was picking up a lot of errors on the board and also needed to replace the one connect box.

Now this tells me the error was there all along and they simply failed to check for these errors previously, just changing the screen every time.

After the above job was completed the technician advised my mother the TV is now fixed. Upon my return home that same evening I turned on the TV and it was like nothing was ever done. In fact it looks to just be getting worse.

Ref: 3101604256 – VOC claim (July)

At this point I can no longer recall how many times I had to keep calling Samsung to request updates.

Up until today the technician has once again been booked to come check out my TV and I have given Samsung my ultimatum over the phone.

I called Liptronics directly today, Thursday 5th July, and provided my reference and now still awaiting a call back from the technician.

So as I wait for Samsung to send yet another technician to my premises I would like to state once again that I will not accept any further fiddling or attempts to repair this unit. As far as I see everything that could be replaced has already been attempted and not just once.

I will not take the chance with all this fiddling that other items later start failing and Samsung / Liptronics say it was not their doing.

So here are Samsung’s options, which are not negotiable.

· Reimburse me to the value of the units total replacement cost

· Replace my unit with a new and exact same unit

· If no longer stocked a replacement TV of either the exact same features or better that is currently being sold

They have not only inconvenienced me, but I had to make sure someone was available at my premises every time they sent a technician out.

What is even more frustrating is that not one senior person from Samsung has at this stage even attempted to contact me and offer alternatives to resolve this matter sooner.

Samsung is now pushing blame on Liptronics and will keep sending technicians out until Liptronics sorts this out.

In the meantime I, the Samsung client, have to suffer.

I am seriously re-considering my loyalty to this brand.

I give Samsung the rest of this week to come back to me with acceptance of the above terms else I will be going the legal route.

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