Peugeot Tygervalley Complaints - Bad service

Yesterday I bought the new key from Peugeot Tygervalley which I paid R2986.30 that is not the point. The point here is today when I put the new key to the ignition it didn't want to turn few people tried even the neighbours try but when they put in the old key it turns. I phoned Peugeot dealership to tell them what was happening the first response I got from Jacque was yesterday the key was working. they told me the will bring someone to look at it my question was when as my sister needed to get to work and her child to school as the time was 09 o'clock already the answer I got was sometime today as they cannot confirm the time. they told me they can not check the key without the car now my thing was I'll get the tow truck to tow the car and they should pay it as it is not my fault the new key don't want to work, they told me its fine I should bring it however if the key is working they wont pay it. Car was towed to them, they put in the old key and it turned however when putting the new key it didn't want to turn he fiddled the key he tried about 3 times eventually the key turned and they told me they are not going to pay the tow truck as its not their fault that's a new key we should have tried that so many times until it turns now my argument with them did you give me those instructions telling me what I should do in case that happens? No, as it is the first time I buy the new key how was I supposed to know it wont work perfect the first few days? I'm sorry mam but we are not going to pay the tow truck. So in 2 consecutive days I had to pay R550 for tow truck due to the lack of Peugeot's communication. I am so disappointed by the kind of service I got from them today, I don't think I'll ever use their service ever again. If they can just pay me my R550 I'll leave them in peace. I don't think I'll ever recommend anyone to even buy Peugeot cars, because sooner or later they will get this kind of service.

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