Ideals clothing tore in Stanger ( Kwa Duguza ) Complaints - bad service

I am really disappointed with the bad service I got from your store in Stanger ( Kwa Duguza ) this Sunday.
The staff are really unhelpful and rude.
They just don’t want to assist. No one greets or even smiles and when you ask for assistance it’s almost like
We are disturbing them from their personal stories. They act as if they are doing customers a favour to assist.
I am a regular customer at this store and the service is really bad. I am an Indian female and they start to talk to me in Zulu
Which is really rude as I do not speak the language and when I say I don’t understand I get questioned as to why I don’t know Zulu and this is
An African country.
I am an educated person and I really don’t appreciate this type of behaviour from retail staff.
I work in a customer orientated industry and I am appalled by this type of behaviour.
I suggest that your staff go for training cause it is Christmas and they are going to chase away your customers.
With the new Mall opening in Stanger I think your staff need to catch a wake up cause people will shop at the Mall instead of going
Into town and experiencing bad service.
Word of mouth is a good and bad thing in the retail industry. I will no longer shop at your store and I will tell my
Family and friends about my bad experience.

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