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hi my name is nompumelelo mbambo I took out a cell phone contract on the 29/10/2018 with mtn Clearwater mall for 2 nokia 6.1 cell phones ,invoice number:INV44901371 nokia 6.1 TA-1050 SS3/32ZA (11pl2bw1a17)black ct &nokia6.1 TA-1050 SS3/32 ZA (11PL2WW1AO2)WHITE CT ACC NUMBER:A5690441 SABC0052 STORE-CLEARWATERROODEPOORT SALESPERSON EMELDA MOTSIDIDI

I got the phones on the 29th 10 2019 then 3 days later one of the phones had a signal problem then took it back in good shape then at the shop they told me I dropped it which I did not do, and they further say it will the phone will be back in seven days till today the phone is not back its now 2 weeks and 3 days later ,the other one then had a head set input problem a week after the first had a problem and I took it back in ,they said I can keep the contract sims coz I had started using them but now I'm facing to pay for a contract in which the phones are not even with me ,as a client I should be pleased with what I took or buying coz I will be paying for them ,such is unfair to me as a customer

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