McDonalds Claremont Complaints - Bad Service

I went to McDonalds claremont branch to buy the offer they had 2FOR R25 that is expiring end of this month. I got my order but by a surprise i got one burger inside. i saw the pack because it was very small, i asked the waitress is it not suppose to be 2 burgers? she called her manager by the name of ZITHA MAGWAZA. I asked him the same question he said no it comes with one burger and chips, so i told him that i bought the special more than 1 time in Cavendish branch and it was coming with 2 burgers. then he told me that they are selling it wrong. I said OK i understand, but now because i am not getting what i expected can i get my money back. i did not walk out with the order it was still in the counter. The manager told me that he cannot give me back my money because of the terms and condition. i showed him the terms and there was no such that its NON-REFUNDABLE, he still did not want to refund me. i ended up telling him to keep the burger and the money. I did not understand why i couldn't get my money back, because i did not open it, i did not go out with it. It was still on top of the counter. I have the way the manager spoke to me. he is the one who told me if i want to lay a complaint i must go ahead. So here it is do something about it. and i am going to follow up.

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