Aron Complaints - Bad Service

We purchased a Diamond television 48inch from HiFi Corporation Mitchells Plain Promenade, 2 year warranty just ended and the screen went blank but the sound was still on. luckily we taken out an extended warranty an took the tv back to store. it went away for 2 weeks and apparently was fixed, we did not get feedback for the store once in that 2 weeks. I called and the repair lady oh your tv is here you can fetch it. 2 weeks later same problem, took it back and dealt with the manager which was very arrogant and rude as if his doing us a favour, we explained it the second time but he was just not bothered, now its the 3rd time tv go back for same reason called now and was advised that it only went away yesterday keep in mind we took it 7 days ago back to store, get told will only have an answer next week. so dissapointed in the way things are handled and will never ever purchase not even batteries form them again.

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