Avbob burial services Complaints - Bad service

We went to claim at Avbob Portshepstone they assisted us with the claim due to benefits we took the body to their mortuary, to our suprise family went yesterday(14 March) to dress the body since he had a car accident and there was a cement that fell on him he was still like that not cleaned and family had to wash the body themselves with no assistance, can you imagine already we were asked by the family why we took the body to Avbob as there were many funeral parlour close by who will clean the body when you get there you just dress the body now them they got a body full of cement of which it was already stuck on the body. What a terrible experience if this is the kind of service they give how are we ever going to reccomend anyone. Poeple should have care this is not kind of experience to receive in a situation like this after such a sudeen death of our brother in a car accident

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