On the 30 May 2019 I went to PEP at about past 5 in Ellof thinking of purchasing a gown, a consultant by the name Gugu came to me while in the line wanting to pay telling me did I know the gown I’m about to purchase is on sale, I confirmed no and at the same time lost interest in the gown while still in the store me and Gugu continued to chat as I leave the store I can see that she is following me but I didn’t really take note of it, a store away at Ackerman’s she approached me with two another ladies and robbed me. The first thing I did was run back to the shop out of shock I was crying devastated asking where is Gugu the Supervise told me Gugu does work in that store she works in Charlton centre as asked if I can make a call as I have nothing on me I even asked to call the bank the store manager (Ellan I speak under correction) as well as supervise ( Margaret) said they can’t help me and asked security to put me out, I lost R5000.00 as a result of not even been given the chance to call the bank after I asked, I never felt so low and humiliated in my life the way the staff from Pep treated me I’m a customer and that’s how they treated me, I’m sure it not the first time this happened as they showed no remorse for a client, PEP store I’m taking to you back to your customer policy and I want justice for what happened to me in your store by your workers.

When my mother and sister went to the store on the 31/05/2019 to speak to the manager upon there arrival the vender selling fruit outside the store uses PEP store to hold their goods and he was taken it from the store , clearly the people in that store is fully aware of all activities happing in and outside that store as they friend with the people robbing and stealing from us both the manager and the supervisor confirmed that they were aware of what had happened to me.

I work for customer service and if that was my client I would have been fired on the stop, I was humiliated in the store by your stuff and not just any staff superior staff members

I want PEP to be held labile for my loss and suffering I was in the store begging to help and I was chased away life a dying Dog , I want that staff fired manager and supervisor cause they don’t know how to work with people, I sternly believe that they work with the people robbing us.

I tried calling the pep telephone line 021 937 2300 and it just rings with no answer the whole I eventually got thru spoke to Mary-Ann Ferus in the complaints department who confirmed she will escalate it to the area manager whom will call in in 24 hours. Time of call 15:35 date 31/05/2019

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