Bradlows Complaints - Bad service

The Service in store is very very friendly, but after wards they are rude and they careless I bought a kitchen unit on credit and as it was my first account, I was told I will need to pay a deposit, and i paid it. Everything was done perfectly and i was told I'll get a call from the warehouse for delivery on the following day, the day went on and nothing, 2nd day went by and still nothing. I started getting calls from their call centre saying i have shown interest in opening the account with them and I explained to them that I had already opened an account and I left the store with a contract and I was told everything was in order and the guy on the phone said he will put everything on the system and I can expect the call from the warehouse on that day. I waited and nothing, the following day I call the store to find out and all I get is they will call me back for response I called again and still getting the same response, and When I finally got the sales lady who was helping Me she was rude and told me I was not the only person waiting on delivery there are other orders as well, and when I requested the number to the warehouse so I can stop bothering her as she sounded very annoyed she said the warehouse doesnt just talk to anyone and it takes Time for calls to go through. And only on the phone she explains that since it's on credit the order will take a week, and denies telling me that everything has been authorised and all that... waiting a few more days isn't much of a problem but the bad tone and rudeness they use when they talk is just unproffessional and uncalled for. As much as its credit and not cash I still need to be treated with the same respect because once the unit is delivered I will still pay for it.

Bradlows is the worst by far!!!! And never shall I bother buying from the store ever again

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