Makita city deep Complaints - Bad service

On the 2019/05/02 I send in my Makita angle grinder to builders warehouse in lambton requesting them to send it to their Makita repair centre in city deep on my behalf as this unit was prevoiously repaired by Makita city deep due to factory fault. 1st of all on the first repair it did not want to switch on and now when i took it in for the second time the locking mechanism did not want to release. On the 2019/07/04 i went to builders to follow up if my unit has been repaired. on arrival i was informed that the unit is not repaired , i was then given a quotation of R 601.37. I imformed builders that i wont pay this quotation. so they called Makita city deep, I was handed the phone and I spoke to the Workshop manager by the name of David. He said, if I want the unit repaired i have to pay R601.37 or it wont be repaired. This is unaccepteble, i am not going to pay for a unit that has been giving me problems from day one. First it shows that this unit ( MAKITA ) is of poor quality. I experience problems from day one when it did not want to switch on. i took it in to the very same guys, they fixed it and said it was factory fault. No body bothered to apologise and explain what was wrong. who knows that the was or the is more than one problem with the unit because, it looks like no body bothers to do quality checks on the machines. The level of service i received from David the workshop manager is patetic. they can keep their poor quality grider, I will go and look for good quality brand and i might get even better service. Its so unfortunate that i had to spend so much money for ..............product. i am still going to make sure that everybody knows how patetic Makita is when it comes to servicing their customers.

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