Vodacom Complaints - bad service

Hi my dad had a contract with Vodacom for the past 45 years he sadley past away on the 23rd of August this year 1st I had to pay R1260 on my dads account to cancel it n have the phones converted to prepaid. Further more only to be told I had to pay a extra R280 which I did called and emailed their legal department and up till now no response from them. they eventually opened the phone lines and I thought ok now account is paid up I don't have to worry only today to have my phone suspended yet again. so please someone explain to me how can my phone and dads phone be suspended when I don't owe Vodacom any outstanding money.Vodacom was at one point the best now all they are liars and thieves.

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Ayshaadams ( on 21/10/19 )

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these cellular networks are all thieves quick to suspend lines and shift the blame from one department to the next. if their consultants do not want to work and assist customers then they should be fired and jobs should be given to people that want to help and appreciate the chance that was given to them for work

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