Pick and Pay in Parklands Complaints - Bad Service

I would like to submit a complaint about the lack of service at Pick and Pay Parklands.

Few weeks ago I was at Pick and Pay in Parklands to buy few items and to withdraw money. At the cashier , I mentioned that I wanted to withdraw money and the lady told me that she does not have enough cash in her till and therefore asked another cashier to assist. This cashier(Sindie) agreed to assist and asked me to come to her till so that she can assist me with my withdrawal and also pay for my groceries at her till. I moved to her till immediately and when I got to her till she was busy with other customers so I waited until she was done. I noticed that the customer she assisted while I was standing there was also withdrawing money so I said to her “ I hope you will still have enough cash for me after this withdrawal/transaction”. She responded by saying “ I am trying to help you sisi” with an attitude. I then kept quiet. When she was done with this customer she told me that she did not have enough cash and that I should go to another till point.

She told me which till point to go to and I did as instructed. A this moment I was really impatient and felt disrespected but kept quiet. I went to the till point I was told to go to and the cashier that was supposed to assist me was busy with other customers so I had to wait until she was done. I got a bit annoyed with the waiting as these people(cashiers) had already wasted my time due to wanting to make a withdrawal.

I told this lady that I no longer want the money I just want to pay for my groceries and leave. The lady (Sindie) told me to come back to her till to pay for my groceries. When I went to her till, there was this huge abnormal trolley standing on the way blocking me from getting to her till point. This did not bother this lady, she stood there and waited for me to get to her till point so I had to move this big abnormal trolley myself. I moved this trolley without any assistance from PnP staff members and eventually got to her till. When I got to her till she said “ Sisi I was trying to help you with an attitude. I told her to respect my decision of not wanting to withdraw money and also told her that I was upset due to their service as they sent me from pillar to post only because I wanted to withdraw money. These people did not pay attention to the amount of time I spent at the shop only because I wanted to withdraw money. This lady carried on telling me that there is nothing she could have done when she does not have money in her till and I told her that I don’t want the money and therefore I don’t want to talk about this anymore nor argue about it, I just want to pay for my groceries”. At this point the store manager was standing next to her(Sindie) and said nothing. I expected the manager to atleast ask what is going on but he did not care and was not bothered to see a customer arguing with his staff member instead he stood next to her staff member and watched us arguing. This lady carried on to say that “ Why don’t you go and withdraw money at the ATM”? This made me realise that this lady is clueless about Pick and Pay mission statement (refer to the snapshot below) nor understand why is PnP s offering this service.

This lady (Sindie) spoke to me like I am borrowing this money from her and therefore had to beg her for it. She acted as if she was doing me a favour by assisting me in withdrawing my money. What shocked me the most was seeing a store manager standing there watching a customer being victimised and mistreated by his staff member and not being bothered by that at all. I left the store feeling disrespected, victimised, mistreated and most of all heart broken and disappointed.

Two days later I went back to the store (this is nearest PnP to my house and therefore this is where I do my shopping etc) I asked to speak to a manager and she there was a different manager this day and she told me that she is a junior manager and she would try and assist to resolve the matter. I spoke to her and she said she will speak to the parties involved and come back to me. I gave her my phone number and full names. After five days I still did not get feedback from this lady. I went back to the store and she was there and she immediately came to me before I even asked her about the matter.

She apologised for not contacting me for feedback and told me that they are looking into the matter and have already seen the footage of the incident so they are having conversations internally with regard to the matter.

Following this, I went to that store again as this is the closest store to my house, I bumped into this woman(Sindie) and she gave me attitude and I ignored her and later spoke to the junior manager who is handling this matter she then said she will contact me sooner. She phoned me few days later and told me that the footage was deleted due to load shedding, this to me was act of lack of integrity from PnP. This is a lie, this is not possible. I told her that she will have to go a get a backup form the security company or otherwise I will take this to social media so that people will be aware of your internal issues and lack of service.

She also told me that these guys has apologised and in future I must to the store and ask for her to assist me if I am not happy with a service. I was beyond upset when she said this. Why can’t these people apologise to me? Why are they not brave enough to talk to me when they want to apologies? This Sindie woman was brave to attack me about my money and now she is not brace enough to say sorry to me in person? This is again an act of pride. I told this lady that I want them to talk to me in person and tell me what is it that they are sorry about.

This morning I was a PnP again as a loyal customer and I bumped into this manager, he acted as if he has never ever seen me in his life. Someone who was willing to apologise to me would atleast have greeted me.

I am submitting this complaint to you as my last resort and after this I am going straight to social media and I will also make sure that your major shareholders are aware of this.

Please note that the names were provide to me by the junior manager. The parties involved are Sindie (cashier) and John(store manager).

Client service is everything!!

Kind regards,

Doreen Mxalisa

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