Fonechoice Complaints - Bad service

I just received a call from fonechoice whereby they asked me about my payments that is behind. The lady Yolanda helped me and said she will log a call to the customer Service department ( this call was also logged by myself to the customer service 3 month going to 4 months ago. Still no feedback but however requesting money) this company is the best in giving things however very bad in doing customer service. I then spoke to shaun the supervisor and if you listen to the recording of the call you will here how he talk as a supervisor that is very unprofessional. I asked for his managers name and email he said he will get it for me i was holding for a while when he came back he said his manager will not give me her email basically refusing to sort out a customer complaint. I feel this is so unprofessional from both supervisor and manager. Is that not what they there for. Where is the integrity. Shaun told me to phone customer service however I refused to spend any money on you guys because I have been waiting from my side and got so frustrated by explaining my store so many times. Please I need proper feedback without explaining the complaint again and again. We as customers get threatened by saying this call is being recorded however when asking for calls there is always stories. I will not leave this here. I need to get feedback and not calls every 5 seconds and when I answer they hang up on me. Please get someone very high in this business to phone me or email me on [email protected]

Kind Regards
Natasha Stander

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