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It was at 09:45 this morning at engen track garage in king William's town I was driving a be polo classic plate: JCK 521 EC where I felt so embarrassed when I went to fill my car and the card declined. I was so sure that there is money on the account only if the attendant had tried again but he was adamant that the card had insufficient funds. I asked that maybe he mistakenly pressed R1000 instead of a R100 which he just pointed at the reading at the station. I asked if he could give me a chance a chance to quickly run home to fetch my capitec card which he insinuated that I'll run and never come back, although i felt a little disappointed that he could not trust me since im there every other day i could understand where he is comming from, so i asked my passanger if i cud transfere money into her account. Well as I was busy with that a colleague of his asked jokingly why am I giving his colleague problems that was when I realised that he was making fun of me as other attendants were looking at me funny. I have always been a loyal customer to that garage which is why I am so disappointed with the service that I received today. I even had to ask him to serve other customers so long because of the pressure that I was receiving from him while trying to do the transfere

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