Harmony Gold Mine Complaints - Bad Service

On the morning of Wednesday, 26 August 2020, I took my car in for a diagnostics assessment at Princess Crossing Franchise in Roodepoort after several attempts to have it diagnosed. My car’s petrol needle was unstable and kept moving up and down during my drives, I was constantly on the Red Light (indicated low petrol or vehicle in reserve – even when I had just poured in the petrol) , and lately, Check Anti-Pollution System as well as Check Injection.
I had dropped off the car just after 8 in the morning and I was only contacted just before 14:00 for my first update on my vehicle. The lady said that my car was still in the workshop and that she would be contacting me later in the day for further updates. I took a day off from work just to be close enough in case urgently needed. I later made my way to the Renault Centre to be nearby as the time was now 15:00. An hour later, I received a call (whilst sitting in the reception) – the lady told me that she had bad news for me. She told me the work had to be carried over to the next day as it would appear that some parts would be required to fix my car. I asked the lady if she could arrange me some transport to take me back home to Randfontein, to which she replied all their drivers had already left for their homes so she could not assist me. I asked her how come I was only told at 16:00 that my car would not be ready the same day and, also, I asked her how was I supposed to make it back home and she told me that there was nothing that she could do.
I started my long walk back home, hitch-hiking and finally reached my home after 18:00 in the evening. The lady phoned me again, this time at work and told me that there was a damaged coil and it would have to be replaced, but only after they’ve heard from the Warranty guys. On Friday (28 August 2020) afternoon, she again phoned to tell me that they had been given the go-ahead to order the part. Monday and Tuesday (31 August and 1 September 2020), there was no communication with me. Wednesday morning (2 September 2020), she again called to update me. The part had been ordered, arrived and would be fitted and the car tested and she would update me later, was her message.
It is day 7 since took my car in for diagnostics and to date; no courtesy car had been availed to me. I have been a loyal customer of Renault for over a decade. I continue to buy your products as well as service my vehicles with Renault. But if this is how customers are treated and there is an apparent lack of customer service, then I will cease to be associated with this brand and will let other people know how inconsiderate you guys are.

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