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i am very upset with institution. i have recieved the preapproved loan notification in form of sms. i phoned the number they gave me. the next thing i fount was the sms to tel me that i am qualifying for R50000 loan. from that i was required to deposit money to their account. i did so. after i phoned to conform wether my fax for proove of payment is it recieved or not. i asked the consultand wen am i gonna get my application form which is where someone had to show me the tue colors. now it has been a day not getting my repply. i went to my email account thinking that i wil get dem there. instate i found nothing. and now since i risked my last money i don't even know what to do since i trusted them.

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Bhe ( on 31/08/12 )

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If you have a bank that you have been with for a while you can check to see if they will give you a loan. If not than you probably wont have any luck gteitng one.

jcduuaabo ( on 31/08/12 )

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pywmsuhx ( on 01/09/12 )

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devriesg ( on 08/09/13 )

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Legal Loans, don't even try to take money from my account!!!!!!!!!I will make sure I'll track u down even if that's the last thing I'll do, but you not going to take money from me.How could you do this to people.
I don't need your help after all the KAK I hear you doing to people..........
Your application has been pre-qualified for up to R60 000. Offer valid for 7 days ONLY!!! Kindly contact Legal Loans on 021 815 4500. Ref: LL438333
Your application has been pre-qualified for up to R60...

[email protected] ( on 09/12/15 )

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A bit of registered institution will do business like this. If they ask you to make a deposit before you received proper documentation, you can be sure that it is a scam and you will never get anything in return for your hard earned money.
The same goes for messages that you won a fortune of money.
The best you can do when receiving such messages, is to delete the message without replying to it.
If you have really won or inherited millions, I am sure that you will be informed...

ameludick ( on 09/11/16 )

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BUYMONDO!!!!! What a scam. Very quick to force you into taking a contract and that you can cancel your contract within 7 days after receipt of packing. Amazingly, BUYMONDO just disappeared.... Nobody has contacted me regarding my inquiry!!! It has been more than a month. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THIS COUNTRY.

a133376 ( on 11/11/16 )

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eish these people bad service

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