We booked a flight online from OR Thambo to Cape Town on Khulula on the 26/09/2016. We did not received a confirmation, as travel start said the email address was incorrect.We tried to confirm the booking the night before our departure, but their emergency line was not available. We have made use of their service a couple of times before. On arrival at OR Thambo they said we were not booked and they could not pick us up on any flight on Khulula from any airport. We had to buy new tickets as 4 seats were available on the next flight.
On arrival in Cape Town we got hold of their offices as it was after 8:00. They sent the confirmation through then, but on the confirmation is says: JOHANNESBURG-CAPE TOWN and the referance BAPNAL, which does not mean anything to me. I urged them to compensate for the new tickets we had to buy, but they refuse. I would have paid the difference for the change of taking the next flight, but that was not even offered to us, we simply had to buy new tickets.

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mamibre ( on 19/03/19 )

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I regret it. I should have checked with you before

[email protected] ( on 15/05/19 )

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I have sued Cape town municipality council for not not having water supply frm 3 April 2019 to 11 April 2019 due to the contract they signed to install water device management that was not approved by SABS an amount of One Million Five Hundred Thousand
This case has not been attend until the 15 May 2019 and the case has been opemed on sometime ago

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