Hyundai Centurion Complaints - Bad service

I took my car for 45 000km service to Hyundai Centurion on 09/09/2016. Worst mistake of my life. Firstly there is no signage to indicate where the Service side is, the security guard did not direct. The service staff at dealership did not direct to what needs to happen which delayed the process. On speaking to the Service manager, he did not have people skills and was talking over me on the 09/09/2016. They did a shoddy workmanship on my vehicle, they did service, rear brakes needed to be replaced which they did very poorly. They did not tighten the caliper bolts, I drove with the car like that for 4 months not knowing anything, which is completely dangerous!!!! Driving to Durban for December 2016 holidays, on return to Jhb on the 5 January 2017, heard a noise on left rear wheel when stopped at Swinburne, got car towed to nearest Hyundai dealership which was in Bethlehem. Hyundai Bethlehem told me that the left rear caliper bolts was missing and the right rear caliper bolts was loose and needed to be tightened. This is completely unacceptable and dangerous. I was travelling with my 18 month old baby. My family’s life was in danger because of Hyundai Centurion poor/shoddy workmanship. I contacted the Hyundai Centurion delearship on 6 January 2017, Ian service manager was unable. Spoke to Jan the foreman, he response to me was that it is 4 months and 4000 km later and he can't do anything to help me. I find this completely unacceptable. They were the last service centre to service and do the brakes in September 2016 on my vehicle and did a terrible job and did not tighten the bolts on the caliper and put my family’s life at risk. Hyundai Centurion need to be held accountable for their actions. I shudder to think how many other vehicles they have messed up.

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John B Ireland ( on 21/05/17 )

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Main problem is that you are dealing with the Imperial Group who control the entire chain of 12 brands within South Africa which means that there is no independent or objective facility to resolve issues

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