Altech Netstar Complaints - Bad service cause damages

Altech Netstar installed a tracking device on my Nissan Navara,the unit kept on giving ptoblems and sent signals to Netstar evey single time we start the Bakkie.We asked them to come and have a look at the unit because we receiced calls and sms every day.The technition came to our house and struggled for 2 hours just to change the unit.The following week the Bakke started to give me problems.All the light on the dash board came on and stayed on.I phoned Netstar so many times and told them the Bakkie doest want to drive and the lights stays on.Eventually I took the bakkie to a mechanic who investigated the matter and came to the conclusion that the fault was with Netstar as the wiring on the fuse box was done incorrectly and caused the board to burn out.Netstar did send out a Supervisor but denied that the problem was with them.It is costing me R5000 to try and get my bakkie fixed which I cant pay and so my bakkie is still at the mechanic.It has been almost 2 months now and netstar hasn't done anything to try and help us.I am struggling with transport to work and to school.I have a report as proof that this is netstars mistake.Obviuosly the tehcnition wasn't trained properly because it doesn't take 2 hours to change a unit.I want to take this further and will not let it go as I have to pay for everything.

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